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ESG, natural, target, environment, carbon footprint

ESG reporting can be complicated due to the complex requirements. We have experience in assisting many organizations with GRI-compliant ESG reporting and setting up their target with SBTi and SDGs to enhance their overall performance.


We calculate the carbon footprint for organizations (ISO 14064-1, GHG Protocol, CFO), and we also assist our clients in reporting their inventory emissions effectively.


We calculate project carbon footprints (ISO 14064-2, CDM, VCS Verra, GS, I-REC, TVER, TVER-PREMIUM) and assist clients with emission reduction management and calculations.


Carbon footprint for product (ISO14067, CBAM)

We could make it easier and add up more benefit for your organization.

ESG, natural, target, environment, carbon footprint

ISO9001 – Quality management system (QMS)

ISO14001 – Environmental management system (EMS)

ISO45001 – Occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS)

ISO50001 – Energy management system (EnMS)

We always provide tailor-made management systems for our clients. These systems help our customers gain more opportunities through user-friendly activity control, and we ensure they comply with regulatory requirements.

The more tailor-made your management system is, the greater the benefit for your organization.


Electricity usage is a major energy consumption factor for most organizations. We offer EPC services for solar roof and solar projects, which can help your organization save a significant amount on electricity costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Our solar energy matches your usage and ensures it is profitable for your investment.

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